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What qualifications should my tax agent have

Your tax agent should have a tertiary accounting degree and you should always ensure that you choose an agent that has had years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge with preparing tax returns. Moreover, you should make sure that your tax agent/accountant is a qualified accountant and not just a tax preparer because there is a huge difference. A tax preparer undergoes a few mere months of training and is then handling your important finances. An accountant on the other hand is trained for years on end and has far more knowledge about handling your financial situation. JC Accountant is a tax agent Brisbane based that ticks all the essential boxes. They have all the qualifications and years of industry and client experience that you need to ensure that your personal and family finances are dealt with professionally by experts. They truly are the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. 

How reputable is the tax agent

JC Accountant is the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. The results speak for themselves. Head over to their website at JC. Accountant to see for yourself the glowing testimonials that have been given by clients who have entrusted their finances with the tax agent Brisbane Team; JC Accountant. JC Accountant can look after your yearly tax lodgement, as well as handle any of your other accounting needs such as 

  • Large Company Finances
  • Small Business Tax
  • Franking Credits and Stock enquiries
  • Family Trust Accounts
  • Sole Trader & BAS Statements
  • Setting up a business
  • PayG advice for businesses

How much should a tax agent charge

Finding a cheap tax agent Brisbane and surrounds comes down to a simple equation. How much your tax agent charges you for their services, minus the amount that you get back for your refund. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the upfront cost is the be all and end all when choosing the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. The best way to ensure that you get the best amount of money in your pocket when you leave your tax affairs with JC Accountant is to firstly consult them for a free 15-minute appointment. In this time, you can assess how your tax return will be dealt with and how much you can rely on them as they are the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. Head to JC. Accountant website to book in your free 15-minute consult today to ensure you get the best tax refund and accounting services from the most trusted Tax agent Brisbane has to offer. 

How long does it take for my tax return to be processed

Turnaround time is dependent on the ATO, however making sure you choose the most experienced and knowledgeable tax agent Brisbane has to offer is paramount to ensuring that the ATO can process your tax return in a timely manner. If you choose an accountant that isn’t experienced, often documentation is not lodged correctly and there is a hold up on receiving your tax refund. JC Accountant is the solution to a quick turnaround time for your refund as they go above and beyond to ensure all the boxes are ticked correctly and every piece of relevant paperwork is lodged with your return. With over a decade of trusted clients and experience, JC Accountant is the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. JC Accountant is renowned for quick response rates and pride themselves on same day customer service response. 

Who has the best reputation as the best tax agent Brisbane wide

JC Accountant is the best tax agent Brisbane has to offer. JC Accountant has been servicing small business owners, large companies, corporate stakeholders, family trustees & sole traders for over a decade and has become the leader in the accounting and financial industry. Most of their clientele are repeat clients who have never looked back when entrusting their finances with JC Accountant. JC Accountant has managed to build strong rapport with their long-term clients and welcomes all new clients to come down to the office, or phone them on 07 3341 1223 to discuss their finances. Whether you are looking at starting a business and you need some advice on how to organise your finances & prepare for your first tax return or BAS statement, or whether you want to lodge a simple return; trust in the expert tax agents at JC Accountant. 

Visit their website, read through their glowing reviews from their long-term clients and see for yourself why people are over and over, entrusting their finances with JC Accountant. The best tax agent Brisbane wide is JC Accountant.